Festival O/MODƏRNT - Brahms and New Paths

Staged in June at Ulriksdal Palace Theatre in Stockholm, Festival O/Modernt is the highlight of our season. We gather a wonderful array of artists from around the world to share the stage with emerging talents for a week of concerts and arts events. The weeklong journey takes its inspiration from a noted composer of the past, who is celebrated through imaginative programming and unexpected artistic juxtapositions.

In 1853 Schumann published a celebrated essay, 'New Paths', which extols BRAHMS (1833-1897) in messianic terms as the one composer able to ‘give expression to his times in ideal fashion’. What a prophecy to place on the young man’s shoulders! Anticipating the philosophy of O/Modernt, Brahms lived up to the hype and reinvented the past by redefining the roots of classical music, breathing contemporary life into historical styles and opening up NEW PATHS. Festival O/Modernt 2023 pays tribute to Brahms, pairing his chamber and symphonic works with new Brahms-inspired commissions by Albert Schnelzer, Sebastian Fagerlund and Jill Jarman, and juxtaposing his music with some unexpected partners, including the rock band Nirvana, Purcell and Philip Glass.

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