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VIVALDI - and the return

Antonio Vivaldi is the master of musical suspense. Sell-out crowds at the Ospedale della Pietà in eighteenth-century Venice responded with vociferous rapture as he took them to hitherto unknown musical places. The harmonic power that Vivaldi unlocked derives from his innovative use of the ritornelloor ‘little return’. Opening up new harmonic vistas by remixing elements of the main musical theme in a series of ritornellos conjures up a thrilling sense of anticipation that makes the final inevitable return of a piece to its home key so gratifying. This is how Vivaldi injected unprecedented dramatic energy into his instrumental music, and it is the ART OF THE RETURN that guides Festival O/Modernt’s eclectic exploration of Vivaldi’s wizardry, in which we journey back to the beginning of the world, rediscover Finnish myths, revisit the origins of Christian culture in the Virgin birth, examine the folkloric roots of classical music, probe the repetitions of Philip Glass, the recapitulatory practices of rave music, and much much more! 

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