Festival O/MODƏRNT

O/Modernt’s creative adventure is now ten years old, and to celebrate that milestone it seemed fitting, especially in the wake of the past year of distance and isolation, to put together a set of festival concerts that would shine a light on our core principles of self-expressive, fulfilled togetherness.

As initiated a decade ago by Hugo Ticciati, the founding principle of O/Modernt is summed up in our name, which translates into English as ‘Un/Modern’. Combining old and new in unexpected ways, O/Modernt rejoices in reimagining the arts to make connections that span times, cultures and peoples: exploring musical and artistic links between the contemporary world and the cultures of previous epochs, bringing together people from all walks of life, and re/connecting people with themselves by promoting active, imaginative engagement with all the senses.

Outward-looking, inclusive and passionate about breaking down boundaries, O/Modernt’s motto is borrowed from John Cage: Invent the past. Revise the future. Making this year’s festival a microcosm of everything O/Modernt stands for, we decided to reframe our own ten-year history by putting together a series of concerts that reinvent some elements from our most notable past programmes, placing them in new juxtapositions and uncoiling new thematic threads – all complemented by a number of world and Swedish premieres. As always, O/Modernt looks backwards to find the inspiration that will allow us, individually and collectively, to look ahead to a future that is reinvented with creative energy, confidence and a sense of freedom.

All concerts will be live-streamed on takt1.com.

If you are passionate about the work we are doing you can support in many different ways:

Sponsoring us
Joining our Family of Friends and Volunteers
Making a one-off donation

Visit omodernt.com/friends for more info!

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