Lyckå Chamber Music Festival

Lyckå Chamber Music Festival has been performed annually since 1984 in Karlskrona and Blekinge.

It is a rare high-class event, which has given echo in the Swedish and international music world every year in the last 33 years. Lyckå Chamber Music Festival is famous for its high ambition and has an interesting profile of outstanding guest performances, own productions, music at the cutting edge, at a high international level.Lyckå Chamber Music Festival, today a place for chamber music that is national, Nordic and internationally oriented. A festival that is characterized by enthusiasm and warmth and provides a strong meeting place for the music, art, artists and audiences.

Lyckå Chamber Music Festival is a continuation of a successful, creative and reflective cultural project, where young musicians aiming for a life in music get inspiration and guidance from musicians with great knowledge and experience in their area. During a few days of intensive work with music of, Haydn, Ligeti and Beethoven, these young upcoming artists perform together with their mentors and other well-known professional artists.

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