Nordic Song Festival

Now it's time for the fourth year of Nordic Song Festival and
I am proud to be able to present so many internationally known names among this year's performers, teachers and lecturers.
A warm welcome to the festival!
Gitta-Maria Sjöberg,
Artistic director and festival founder

Place. Läroverket i Hudiksvall

Nordic Song Festival is open to students from all over the world. Teaching is the master course both with audiences and individual lessons without an audience
Master Classes with:
Matti Borg, international vocal coach, composer (DK)  •  Mats Jansson, international accompanist (SE) • Mette Borg, Statens Scenkunstskole, Operaakademiet (DK) •  Gitta-Maria Sjöberg, international opera singer, soprano (DK) • Camilla Nylund, operasinger, sopran (DE/FI)  Fredrik de Jounge,  operasinger (SE/ES)• Sebastian Fagerlund, (FI) - Årets Tonsättare, Bernhardt Greter, international accompanist

Nordic Song Festival presents a wide range of Nordic music treasures. Every day you can enjoy a concert with our fantastic artists and our skilled Master Class students
Conserts with: Camilla Nylund Anton Saris • Fredrik de Jounge • Mats Jansson, Gitta-Maria Sjöberg •  Ann-Marie Backlund  
• Helen Tanzborn

Every day at 14 h, you can listen to our exciting lectures or debates with Mette Borg and Hans Gefors
Tickets 90 SEK