A Tribute to Jazz in Västerås

Discover an unique and innovative jazz experience in the heart of Sweden. This brand new festival is a celebration of the local rich jazz tradition that has paved the way for many jazz musicians to reach the world.

Västerås Jazz Festival signed by Magnus Lindgren, March 22-23 - "From grand to intimate concert experiences, big band dancing and meetings with tomorrow's jazz talents.

The festival opens with a tribute to Wayne Shorter and Al Jarreau where sophisticated jazz and funk brings to mind New York's legendary jazz clubs. Saturday offers, among other things, a series of smaller concerts with tomorrow's legendary jazz artists and ends with a gala evening where jazz, classical music and song form a musical party for all tastes.

In the spotlight are Magnus Lindgren, John Beasley, Ola Onabulé, Isabella Lundgren, Magnus Öström, Bohuslän Big Band, Västerås Sinfonietta, Simon Crawford-Phillips and the girls' choir from the music classes at Fryxells School.

Västmanlandsmusiken with Västerås Concert Hall and Västerås Sinfonietta, in collaboration with Jazzens Vänner, are proud to present a festival that celebrates our local heritage and lifts jazz music to new heights.

Artistic Director; Magnus Lindgren

Producer; Christopher Ekströmer