Vattnäs Concert Barn - Song Festival

Festival 2018: "Norrmalmstorgsdramat"

On August 23, 1973, a masked and armed man enters a bank at Norrmalmstorg in Stockholm and takes four bank employees hostage. The drama that shook Sweden lasted for five days during a huge media coverage. It gave rise to the concept of "the Stockholm syndrome" - meaning that the victims begins to sympathize with their perpetrator.

Now the story becomes opera premiered in Vattnäs Concert Barn in July 2018. For the music is composed by one of Europe's most interesting composers, Swedish Albert Schnelzer, who makes his debut as an operatic composer. The libretto is written by stage director and choreographer Patrik Sörling. His intention is to create a drama that shows the complex mental mechanisms under extreme stress. Norrmalmstorgsdramat -  will be played on 13, 14, 18, 20, 21 and 22 July.

Vattnäs Concert Barn is the only North Concert Hall - located 10 minutes from the center of Mora, close by the beautiful Lake Orsa. The small concert hall can accommodate 300 people, and has a nice acoustics. Artistic director is Pers Anna Larsson, born in Vattnäs, and the business is run under the leadership of CEO Göran Eliasson - both two prominent opera singers.

Tickets are on sale at Siljan Turism, or phone +46 248 797200 and at the tourist agencys in Dalarna (Visit Falun Borlänge, Gagnef, Ludvika, Vansbro, Malung/Sälen).
Vattnäs Concert Barn is handicap accessible and has three toilets (one handicap accessible). No hearing loop available.

Vattnäs Konsertlada
Vattnäs byväg 34
79297 Mora


Göran Eliasson
076 761 24 03

Artistic Director
Pers Anna Larsson