About Sweden Festivals

The association Sweden Festivals is a membership organisation for arts festivals in Sweden

  • Sweden Festivals is committed to the development of the festival format and its position in Swedish cultural life
  • Sweden Festivals is working to ensure that arts festivals play an evident part in Swedish cultural politics
  • Sweden Festivals gather and distribute festival knowledge to people in Sweden and abroad
  • Sweden Festivals promotes the exchange of ideas between festival organisers through training, workshops and cultural policy meetings
  • Sweden Festivals is through a cooperation with partners in Northern Europe, such as NordicBaltic Festival Platform and EFA (European Festivals Association) educationg Festival organizers


  • Sweden Festivals is a non-profit, national organization for Swedish culture and arts festivals. The organization was founded 35 years ago.

  • Sweden Festivals is committed to the development of the festival format and its position in Swedish cultural life. Sweden if one of few counties in Europe where this is not the case. The organization represents festivals on a national level and hold meetings and an ongoing dialogue with authorities such as Kulturrådet and Musikverket with the intention of developing the festivals postulates.
  • Sweden Festivals is a partner and educator for members who has questions regarding practical issues around their festivals. The organization promotes communication between festival organizers through educations, workshops and culture political meetings and has a function as an important referral body within issues regarding festival Sweden.
  • Sweden Festival organizes conferences, seminars and get-togethers which several are free of charge for members. For the last couple of years Sweden festivals has arranged and attended at conferences in for example Reykjavik, Tallin, Riga, Lille and Gdansk where delegates has meet new colleagues and through this made new contacts with many European festivals. Sweden Festivals is also a member of EFA (European Festivas Association) and communications within this network with over 200 festivals in 40 countries.


  • Du automatically gets a membership in European Festivals Assiciation (EFA) and Musikarrangörer i Samverkan (MAIS)
  • You strengthen your own and other festivals as an form of expression towards the audience, but most of all towards decision-makers on municipal, regional and national level
  • You get access to all the members gathered experiences of festival planning and also through all our international partners and networks, for example EFAs 2000 Festivals in 40 different countires
  • You can get help and support in legal and tax-related questions
  • You will get offers about subsidized conferences, courses and seminars tex EFA Academy, Atelier for Young Festival managers, Fellowship program through the Nordicbaltic Platform and MAIS-arrangements
  • As a member you get an informative newsletter which helps and inspires you in your work with your festival
  • You get the opportunity to search for grants which only members can and gets contacts for other goverments/organizations which offers grants
  • You have your own site and portal on Sweden festivals website
  • You get marketing help through Sweden Festivals different platforms


Apply for membership be following this link (in Swedish)

The members fee is devided in a members fee of 3000 kr, which are free of taxes, and also a service grant for 3000 kr, plus taxes. Biennaler and "resting member" only pays the members fee the year that there is no festival.

Termination of the membership has to be done by mail to the SF-board, November the year before the termination will be valid.