Drottningholms Slottsteater

Festival 2021

Drottningholms Slottsteater, the Court Theatre at the World Heritage Drottningholm, opened in 1766. The theatre is the only 18th century theatre in the world with its original stage machinery still in use. We perform opera, and give family performances, concerts and guided tours, always with a touch of the 18th century.

Agrippina by G F Handel
7-21 August 2021

Composed for the 1709–10 Venice Carnevale season, Agrippina is an ironic comedy of power and eroticism with a strong woman in the title role. The plot is borrowed from Roman history and centres on the megalomaniac empress Agrippina, who is plotting to secure the imperial throne for her son Nerone following the death of the emperor ClaudioDespite its 300 years, the opera still packs an appeal for modern audiences.
Ann Hallenberg, Artist in Residence at Drottningholms Slottsteater 2019-2020, sings the title role and has been involved in the choice of work, singers and artistic team.

Conductor • Francesco Corti
Director • Staffan Valdemar Holm
Costumes and stage design Bente Lykke Møller
Light design • Torben Lendorph
Wigs and make-up • Sofia Ranow

Donne disprezzate - The raging heroines of the Baroque
concert 28 August 2021

“Over the years I’ve encountered many Baroque heroines. They are heartbroken, furious and justifiably heading for a nervous breakdown! Who hasn’t heard of Fedra’s passion, Dejanira’s horror, Medea’s hatred and Irene’s pain? While Handel was and remains a master of the poignant female portrait, the Baroque firmament is speckled with stars we barely know the name of. Torri? Orlandini? Giacomelli?
I challenge you to listen to something new, to combine the known, half-known and unknown. Maybe you will discover a beautiful star that you never knew existed.”

Ann Hallenberg
Artist in Residence

17.30 Pre-concert in the Déjeuner Salon • Holger Schmitt-Hallenberg, musicologist
19.00 Donne disprezzate - concert
Ann Hallenberg, mezzo-soprano
Conductor • Stefano Montanari
The Drottningholm Theatre Orchestra
Director • Tuvalisa Rangström
21.15 Post-concert talk in the Déjeuner Salon • Ann Hallenberg and Stefano Montanari

Drottningholm is within easy reach of the centre of Stockholm, and is well served by public transport.

Tickets are available online at www.dtm.se

Guided tours of the theatre

Follow our multi-lingual guides on a tour that will take you into the public rooms surrounding the auditorium, into the auditorium where the magic of the stage and the splendid decorations will come to life, and end up in the beautiful Déjeuner Salon looking out over the English garden. You will hear the sound of the thunder box and the wind machine or experience an aria and a famous orchestra piece, if there are rehearsals! A visit to Drottningholms Slottsteater will convey impressions of theatre life in the 18th century and give a better understanding of our living cultural heritage.

See www.dtm.se for opening hours.