Music by the Dellen Lakes

Imagine that a meteorite impact, time and lots of people have given conditions for us to present Music by the Dellen lakes for the 32 time! Here in the scenic Dellen district, in the middle of beautiful Hälsingland, we have a rich and vibrant treasure of music, dance and folk music festivals that we would like to share with you. The whole countryside invites to party with swarming fiddler meetings and exciting concerts in the magical scenery. Imagine all the notes that caress the shiny Dellen water, all the music that echoes between the distant blue mountains, all feet dancing, all the fingers striking the strings and keys, all the vocal cords that create sweet tones. For 18 days in July you have the opportunity to share this wealth. The well-filled program has something for all tastes.

Whoever you are, welcome to enjoy, listen, play, dance and have fun!


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Lotta Tornler

0046 703-01 65 32