Tempo Documentary Festival

Tempo Documentary Festival is the largest festival of its kind in Sweden. Founded in 1998, Tempo has since the start presented creative documentaries from all over the world, which would otherwise not reach the Swedish audience. Tempo has established a unique forum for the presentation of documentary work across traditional boundaries – Film, radio, photography and transmedia as well as more experimental forms of expression. Between festivals, a number of different events are arranged with a documentary focus, such as seminars, debates, photo exhibitions, together with screenings and workshops for young people. The festival and other associated events are arranged and developed by the non-profit organisation Tempo Documentary Festival.
On the 1:st of December this year we will host a talk and meet up with NPRs Radio Rookies, more information on our website tempofestival.se/en/

Tempo acts as the host for seven competitions: The Tempo Documentary Award, one of Europe’s largest documentary prizes, for best Swedish documentary, Tempo Short Award for best Swedish short documentary, Stefan Jarl International Documentary Award, for best International documentary, New Doc, Tempo Pitch, Tempo Radio Award and Short Dox Radio.

The 18th edition of Tempo Documentary Festival takes place the 6th - 12th March 2017.