Logga. Stockholm Early Music Festival X-mas edition
21 Nov 2018

Festivals expand in time and space

Many festivals are not limited to just their FESTIVAL. Two Stockholm festivals, Stockholm Early Music Festival (SEMF)* and Festival O/Modernt, are expanding and operate throughout the year. SEMF organizes their  X-MAS Edition on December 15th. Festival O/Modernt operates a chamber orchestra for young musicians and recently organized a Nordic-Baltic Mini-Festival - a musical journey around the Baltic Sea with musicians and composers from the Nordic and Baltic countries - in collaboration with Länsmusiken in Stockholm and Blåsarsymfonikerna.

Peace Patrol volunteers on Pol'and*Rock Festival
16 Nov 2018

The cultural war in Poland

The current cultural war in Poland is, in many ways, similar to the cultural policies of Victor Orbans Hungary. The background is the nationalist policy that requires cultural institutions to follow the views of the authorities on national identity. In Hungary and Poland, therefore, they remove cultural leaders and replace them with new government-controlled people. Which took place at the Second World War Museum in Gdansk. Sweden Festivals and other organizers of the recent NordicBaltic Arts Festival Conference in Gdansk experienced the Polish cultural climate in October.

Deltagare på CHECK!2 2018 i Västerås 10-11 november
15 Nov 2018

CHECK! 2018 - a meeting for the future in art and culture

Intense, just long enough, food for thought and creative were some of the reviews on the two days in Västerås that ended Sunday 11 November. Paul Gudgin, the conference's main lecturer, with long festivals experience in Great Britain, said afterwards: "It was really enjoyable and a great group to work with. It is always a pleasure to work in Sweden, but last weekend was definitely a highlight for me!" CHECK! is for those who have arranged for a while, just started, or are curious new organizers of art. CHECK!

Participants at the conference in Gdansk
15 Nov 2018

75 festival managers gathered in Gdansk

The 4th edition of the NordicBaltic Arts Festival Conference attracted a considerable crowd of festival managers from the Nordic and Baltic countries, from the Baltic Sea area and from the rest of Europe. 75 people participated in the three day-conference located in historical buildings in Gdansk, hosted by the Baltic Sea Cultural Centre in collaboration with the NordicBaltic Festival Platform.

Konferenslokalen. Old Town Hall, Gdansk.
14 Oct 2018

NordicBaltic Arts Festival Conference - ONE WEEK TO GO!

Don't miss to meet this amazing selection of arts professionals (the list is growing every day). Or to be inside the Old Town Hall of Gdansk, our conference venue! Renowned Swedish artist and choreographer Efva Lilja will deliver the keynote speech " The Boundless" at the upcoming conference on 22 Oct. Efva has set a world record, received a number of awards, and even danced on the North Pole! She is also involved with visual art, film and writing.

CHECK! 2018 logo
14 Oct 2018


CHECK! This educational performance for music organizers and organizers in other arts and culture areas now has more than 6 years on the neck. It has been arranged in Gothenburg and in Västerås and soon there is CHECK! in a city near you! But this year, November 10-11, there is CHECK! on Karlsgatan 2 in Västerås. This year, Paul Gudgin, who lectures on festivals and events throughout the world, will play a central role.

Tenebrae at Lund Choral Festival 2018
14 Oct 2018

Lund Choral Festival every other year - starts Monday!

The Lund Choral Festival is a biennial which since its inception in 2006 has established itself as the country's largest celebrity festival in its kind. The festival takes place from 15-21 October and the audience is invited to singing on a high international level with national and international guest shows as well as big choir concerts for both adults and children.  This year's choir festival follows the previous year's concept with a wide range of concerts with excellent choirs from local driving life as well as exciting guest games far from the outside.

Gmlstn Jazz 2018
14 Oct 2018

Octoberjazz in Gothenburg

On the 5th edition there are some established jazz names like Stacey Kent (USA), Maria Joao from Portugal or ADHD from Iceland, but even some new ones and the Festival made this Jazzlist on Spotify. GMLSTN JAZZ is an international and modern festival for high quality jazz of today with prominent artists and tomorrow's stars from Sweden and the world.

Umeå Jazz Festival celebrates 50 years
14 Oct 2018

Umeå Jazzfestival celebrates its 50th birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWINGING UMEÅ! 20-28 October 2018. The Umeå Jazz Festival is 50 years old. After an impressive and unbroken series of festivals, the jubilee has become part of the city's DNA. Already at the beginning of 1968, the concept of Swinging Umeå was coined and began an epoch where the city, among other things, helped jazz to attract new citizens and labor. How it matters today we can only speculate, but the festival is still one of Umeå's most important cultural bearers with international luminance.